Community Bistro for H.O.P.E

We are collecting donations to start the Community Bistro for H.O.P.E. program. Due to the overwhelming number of homeless people and hungry people in the community we feel it is a great idea to start a Community Bistro for Helping Other People Excel program. This is an amazing program that has several purposes as well as being a nonprofit social enterprise. One purpose will be to help alleviate hunger in the community and surrounding neighborhoods. The concept is that people will have a choice to “pay-what-you-can” or “pay-it-forward” to help the homeless and the hungry in the community. When homeless people and hungry people come into the Community Bistro, they will be able to volunteer for an hour in exchange for a healthy gourmet meal of their choice from the delicious menu.

The second purpose will be to help families and individuals that want to go on a mission trip but cannot afford the full price to go on one. They will be able to volunteer at the Community Bistro for a set number of hours and earn their needed funds towards their mission trip.

Another purpose would be to help provide a safe and friendly atmosphere where people feel loved and appreciated. A place where they can grow and excel, as well as feel good about themselves. We have a desire to see people excel and be all they can be. We want to reach out to the people in the community both, spiritually and physically. We want to be there for the people and show them the love of Christ.

You can be a part of this amazing opportunity by praying and becoming one of our donors. Contact us if you would like to instrumental in helping us get this into motion!