Our Partners

We have the honor and privilege of working with and partnering with several organizations. We really appreciate them and love the work that they are doing for the Kingdom of God. They are such a blessing to us! We appreciate all that they have done to support our work as well. They have poured into us and have allowed us to pour into them as well.

Without wonderful partners we would not be able to do some of the amazing things that we have done and will be doing. The hungry are being fed, the homeless are being taken care of, and the orphans are being cared for across the street and around the world. Homes are being rebuilt after disasters, families are being restored, and neighborhoods are being impacted by the word of God. We love being “the hands and feet of Jesus” with these organizations. We truly thank God for our partners. They truly help make a POSITIVE IMPACT across the street and around the world!

Are you an organization that makes a POSITIVE IMPACT both, spiritually and physically, and would like to make a POSITIVE IMPACT by partnering with us and make a difference across the street and around the world? If so, please contact us at info@missions-in-motion.org. Please visit Our Partners page to learn more about these amazing organization.

Our Partners

Corporate Donors

Corporate Donors help change lives by their generous donations. We really appreciate our Corporate Donors and their generosity to support our endeavors in making a POSITIVE IMPACT. We would not be able to do as much without their wonderful support.

Because of the generous donations from our corporate donors we have been able to: prepare shoeboxes for poverty stricken children; empower and help feed the homeless; prepare ships for disaster relief in Haiti, Honduras, Africa, and the USA; help prepare shipments for medical missions around the world; care for and minister to children that are orphaned, abandoned, homeless, and that have been rescued from sex trafficking; help local residents with disaster cleanup as well as help in the rebuild process of homes lost in disasters.

The generosity of our Corporate Donors is vital to our mission. Thank you so much to all of the amazing corporations that have donated to us! You are such a blessing! We appreciate all that you have done to support our work. Your donation has made a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world!

Are you a corporation that would like to be known as a life-changer making a POSITIVE IMPACT? If so, contact us at info@missions-in-motion.org. Please visit our Corporate Donors page and see some of our wonderful Corporate Donors.

Our Corporate Donors